remote employee monitoring

Worried about how to monitor employees working from home?

Don’t be!

正确的员工monitoring software, you can easily keep track of your remote workforce. And from reducing micromanagement to boosting remote employee productivity, it offers several benefits for both employees and employers.

However, before you can monitor remote employees, you must be aware of all the legal aspects surrounding it.


我们将重点介绍今天可用的11个最佳员工监控软件。我们将回顾他们的功能,优点,缺点,定价beplay平台能玩吗和G2以及Capterrascores. Then, we’ll cover what remote employee monitoring is, its seven key benefits, and two major challenges.


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1. Time Doctor


Time Doctoris one of the most powerful time tracking tools for 2021.

With Time Doctor, managers can track:

  • 您的团队正在进行的任务。
  • 这accurate time they spend on each task.
  • 这websites and apps they use.
  • When they log in and log out.
  • 可计费时间准确至第二个。

Time Doctor is the best way to keep your employees productive. So let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make Time Doctor special.


这里有一些医生的最佳员工活性ity tracking features:

A. Flexible Time Tracking

Time Doctor offers bothinteractive and automatictime trackingfor additional flexibility.

在里面interactive mode,,,,员工s can start the timer when they begin a task and stop the timer when the task is complete or they want to take a break.

Here’s how:

  • Open Time Doctor and enter the name of the task you’ll be working on.
  • Click “开始”to begin tracking time. Time Doctor will quietly track your time as you work.
  • If you need to take a break or you’ve completed the task, simply click“Stop,”和the timer will stop recording.

在里面自动时间tracking模式,,,,Time Doctor will start tracking time the moment you turn on your computer. This way, you won’t forget to turn on the timer for each work session.

B. Comprehensive Productivity Reports


Some of the reports include:

  • 活动摘要报告:View you the active minutes, active seconds, unproductive, manual, and mobile time for each employee over a selected time.
  • Attendance Report:向您展示当员工在场时,缺席,部分缺席,迟到和出勤信息。
  • 小时跟踪报告:See how many hours your employees have tracked per day, per week, or for any date range you select.
  • Projects & Tasks Report:Know the user activity for each project and task.
  • Timeline Report:View the time a remote team member spent working daily and weekly.
  • Web &AppUsage Report:Visualize the time spent on different websites and applications to help ensure that users are spending their time productively.
  • Custom Export Report:自定义报告仅查看所需的数据,因此您不必下载许多个人报告。
Custom Reports

To ensure your remote employees areactually在职的,,,,Time Doctor can help you identify how much time your virtual team members spend unproductively.



Note: Time Doctor isn’t a击键logger。This时间跟踪软件will only check if an员工pressed any keys or mouse buttons to calculate idle time.

D. Optional Screencasts

屏幕截图feature is great for managing remote employees.

You can record屏幕截图在您的员工的屏幕中,即使在家工作时,也可以查看他们正在做什么。

Additionally, since they’re aware that you’re monitoring them, employees are less likely to engage in distracting activities like browsing social media.


Note:You can模糊or删除screenshots with sensitive data like passwords to protect员工privacy.

E. Powerful Chrome Extension

时间医生的铬扩展让您可以在第三方应用程序中跟踪时间Asana,,,,Zendesk, 和大本营

Here’s how it works:

Employees can use the时间医生按钮to track time across various apps without switching between them.


  • Enable the工资单to conveniently make payments withPayPal,,,,Wise,,,,Gusto, or ADP payment gateways.
  • Simple onboarding and intuitive interface.
  • Suitable for startups and large organizations.
  • 轻松创建和assign projects and tasks给特定的员工。
  • Conveniently manage employee shifts with thework schedules feature
  • Track time when you’re out of the office with themobile app用于Android设备。
  • 将自定义报告导出到.csv或.xls格式中,以便于存储。
  • Monitor your employee’s computer activity levels with screencasts.
  • 生产率ratings featurelets you decide which websites are productive or unproductive. For example, you can categorize social media websites as unproductive for your software development team.
  • Strictdata securityprivacypolicies.


时间医生的paid plans start at $7/user per month, and there’s also a free 14-day trial (no credit card required).


  • G2:4.3/5(180多个评论)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (330+ reviews)



toggl轨道is an employee monitoring solution that lets you keep track of your remote team. It’s easy-to-use and most suitable for medium and small businesses.


  • A handy built-inPomodorotimer.
  • iOS, Android, and desktop apps for Windows, Mac, Linux devices and extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • View time data from all projects and user activity in a single dashboard.
  • Supports third-party app integrations with Asana and Evernote.


toggl轨道’s paid plans start at $10/user per month. It also has a free plan with limited features.


  • G2:4.6/5 (1400+ reviews)
  • Capterra:4.7/5(1680+评论)

阅读我们的深入toggl评论for more information on this time tracker.



救援时期isn’t just a time tracking app. It’s also a web-based employee productivity tracking platform that runs in the background and helps you focus with defined focus sessions.


  • Tracks the time you spend on a particular tool or website during your work hours.
  • 这software blocks sites that are considered distracting. You can customize this list of non-productive sites.
  • 您可以指定自己的生产力目标,并通知您是否花费太多时间在特定任务上。
  • Automatically generates an accurate timesheet showing time spent in meetings, focus work, and other employee activity.


救援时期’s paid plans start at $12/user per month.


  • G2:4.2/5(60多个评论)
  • Capterra:4.6/5(110多个评论)

You can learn more about this employee monitoring software in our救援时期Review



Hoursis a timesheet app for simple time tracking.



  • A simple virtual timer that can measure the time you spend on different tasks.
  • Notifications for when you start or stop the timer to ensure you don’t mistakenly log time.
  • Mac Web应用程序可以在您的移动设备和Apple Watch上同步您的数据,以获取灵活的工作模式。
  • This monitoring solution lets you include timer notes on your invoices when billing clients.


该员工监控工具的付费计划起价为每月$ 8/用户。


  • G2:N/A
  • Capterra:N/A

5. Timely




  • Compare schedules across teams and projects to find the best time for collaboration even if your team works remotely.
  • All tracked user activity stays private to each employee, and they control what data to share.
  • Customize reports and share them with employees, clients, and other stakeholders using a private URL.
  • 通过其内存应用程序在后台捕获您在每个网络和桌面应用程序中花费的时间。


这paid plans for this employee monitoring solution start at $10/user per month.


  • G2:4.8/5(130多个评论)
  • Capterra:4.7/5(630多个评论)



Harvestis a great time tracking and monitoring solution for organizations that work with tons of clients daily. With advanced invoicing capabilities, Harvest can seamlessly integrate with your billing processes.


  • 在工作时开始和停止录制时间,或者手动输入时间表。
  • Create invoices or run payroll from your tracked hours. Also, process payments across time zones through Paypal or Stripe.
  • Automatically syncs across devices to keep up with flexible work patterns.
  • Multiple setting options to adjust billing rates and monitor tracking and processing according to the client you’re working with.


Harvest’s paid plans start at $12/user per month.


  • G2:4.3/5 (700+ reviews)
  • Capterra:4.5/5(430多个评论)


7. Everhour


Everhouris a good web-based monitoring software to see if remote employees are working. It has built-in time tracking capabilities to keep a tab on your remote workforce.


  • Powerful live dashboard that allows you to take stock of what your team has on their plate at the moment.
  • Supports advanced billing functionalities such as invoice generation in multiple currencies.
  • Fully functional browser extensions enable easy accessibility.
  • Can edit time records if you’ve made a mistake. However, business owners or managers can lock the time editing feature for a period of time.


Everhour’s paid plan starts at $10/user per month for a minimum of five users.


  • G2:4.7/5 (120+ reviews)
  • Capterra:4.7/5 (250+ reviews)

8. Timeneye


Timeneyeis a straightforward time tracking app that offers easy, transparent monitoring for remote teams, with manual and automatic time tracking.


  • Track billable hours separately from non-billable hours for easy categorization. This is helpful if you have nonexempt employees who are entitled to earn the federal minimum wage and qualify for overtime pay.
  • Detailed reports on each team member’s time use to keep track of your team’s efficiency.
  • Activity tracking for specific projects, budgets, and workloads for simplified project management.
  • Integrates with multiple third-party apps like Asana, ClickUp, GitHub, etc.


Paidi paid plans for this employee tracking software start at $7/user per month.


  • G2:4.6/5(10+评论)
  • Capterra:4.8/5 (100+ reviews)

9. ClickTime


ClickTimeis a handy tracking tool to help you manage your projects, remote employee schedules, and available resources.


  • 准确的交易ck remote employee hours logged to specific projects in real-time.
  • 创建大量的报告,使您可以更好地了解员工队伍。您可以轻松地通过这些见解来衡量员工绩效,生产力和工作分配。
  • 这centralized dashboard gives you a helpful overview of all your projects and their schedules and deadlines.
  • Powerful browser apps that allow you to track your time without leaving a webpage.


ClickTime’s paid plans start at $12/user per month.


  • G2:4.4/5 (150+ reviews)
  • Capterra:4.6/5 (190+ reviews)

10. TopTracker




  • 一个多功能仪表板,可让您跟踪远程员工并管理员工的生产力。
  • Detailed reports about your remote team’s performance and your project’s progress.
  • Desktop apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Fedora systems.
  • It also offers in-app invoicing and payment features.




  • G2:N/A
  • Capterra:N/A

11. EmailAnalytics


EmailAnalyticsshows you how many emails your employees send and receive. It also indicates their average response times but it isn’t very helpful when it comes to remote employee time tracking.


  • Robust filters so you can include or exclude only the emails you want to analyze.
  • Daily or weekly email activity reports for your team delivered to your inbox.
  • Real-time email activity dashboard for you and your team.
  • Create teams and group your team members into them.




  • G2:N/A
  • Capterra:N/A


We’ll go overwhat remote employee monitoring is,,,,itsbenefits, 和challenges。We’ll also seehow to monitor employees working from home和provideactionable tips to make remote employee monitoring a breeze

What is Remote Employee Monitoring?

远程员工监视involves tracking your remote employees’ activity levels and team productivity, usually with the help of digital tools.

这是必不可少的,因为远程工作已成为Covid 19大beplay体育钱包怎么签到流行的规范。

雇主和经理担心如何知道远程员工是否在工作 - 毕竟,他们不再从物理办公空间中工作。

幸运的是,远程工作监控工具beplay体育钱包怎么签到可帮助您监视远程工人,跟踪他们的billable hours, 和gauge their productivity.

一些远程监视软件,例如HubstaffActivtrak还具有监视功能,例如GPS跟踪,以监视员工beplay平台能玩吗在工作日中的GPS位置。其他工具,例如Teramind,,,,can help you identify insider threats and even give you remote access to an employee’s computer webcam.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of monitoring remote work.


Here are the benefits of using an employee monitoring system:

  • With a good time tracking tool, freelancers and contractors have concrete proof of time spent when billing client projects.
  • Your employees will beheld accountablefor their output each day. This ensures that they’re motivated enough to produce results regularly.
  • Accurate employee monitoring data helps managers set realistic project estimates.
  • Reduces the need for办公空间as your entire team can remain productive remotely.
  • 当您的担心会更少hiring remote workersas the tool can help ensure they’re committed to your organization.
  • 远程员工监视software reduces the need formicromanagement
  • Monitoring employees in a remote environment can lead to increased productivity because it motivates employees to perform at their best.


2Major Challenges of Monitoring Remote Work

Here are two things you should be aware of before you begin remote monitoring:

1. Legal Aspects of Remote Employee Monitoring

Surveillance apps for remote employee monitoring have raised concerns about员工privacy

As a result, employers may be asking themselves,is工作场所监视合法的

简短的答案是yes,,,,as long as you do it the正确的way.

一般来说,如果一个工人正在使用雇主的equipment or working on an employer’s network, the employer can monitor what they do.

If an employee is using their own computer and internet, you must get theirconsent在监视它们之前。您可以通过开发一个remote work policy和have new employees sign it to acknowledge their acceptance.

Now, let’s look at the federal and state laws governing employee monitoring:

A. Federal Laws Governing Employee Monitoring

这most important federal law to cover the issue of employee monitoring is theElectronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA)


  • Title 1of this act makes it illegal to intentionally intercept, use, disclose or otherwise obtain any wire, oral or electronic communication.
  • Title 2of the ECPA or theStored Communications Act (SCA)mandates the privacy of stored electronic information.
  • Title 3ECPA涵盖了任何类型的陷阱或跟踪监视工具,例如电话链接点击设备,或纸笔和笔寄存器。这些寄存器没有记录通信的内容,但是它们确实记录了数据,例如开始和结束时间,电话号码,电话发出的位置,等等。

While it may seem like the ECPA prevents employee monitoring, there are一些值得注意的例外

  • Business Use Exception:This allows employers to monitor employees’ oral and electronic communication as long as the employer has a legitimate work-related reason for doing so.
  • 同意例外: An employer can monitor employees if they get the consent of the employee.
  • Stored Information Exception:Privacy law doesn’t protect information stored on an employer’s servers and equipment.


A few US states make it more complicated to monitor employees, whereas others make it relatively easy.

For example, in Illinois, Maryland, and California, there’s an “all-consent” or “two-party consent” law that requires everyone involved in a telephone call or electronic communication to permit the monitoring or employee surveillance.

States like Connecticut and Delaware require an employer to notify their employees that they’ll be monitoring them beforehand. However, these laws may not apply when the employee works from home.

Generally, you should avoid activities like audio surveillance of an employee’s personal device and keystroke logging because they are excessively invasive. But it’s best to consult legal experts regarding what laws pertain to your state.


阅读我们的深入guide on员工monitoring laws.

2。Lack of Face-to-Face Supervision


经理和主管可能会担心员工不那么productiveas they should be when working remotely. At the same time, employees may find the lack of managerial support and communication difficult.



Covid 19大流行以及随后向远程工作的过渡使几个雇主想知道如何监视远程员工。beplay体育钱包怎么签到

Let’s explore a few remote employee monitoring methods:

1. Time Tracking & Productivity Management Tools

If you’re looking for a precise way to track work time and employee performance,online employee monitoring solutionsare the最好option.

With time tracking tools, you can monitor how your remote staff spends their work hours with multiple helpful productivity features.

In addition to helping you track employee time, the best remote worker monitoring software also helps you gainactionable对员工生产率指标的见解。

Now, as a business owner or manager, how you implement employee tracking is up to you.





That’s why some companies may find this method of productivity monitoring useful. Monitoring email activity will also help you determine if someone uses their work email addresses to send harmful or malicious emails.

You can use tools like EmailAnalytics to measure your employees’ email volume and track different statistics.



However, unlike time tracking tools, monitoring email activitydoesn’tprovide a clear picture of employee behavior or their productivity. Moreover, not every remote job involves sending loads of emails.


Task lists focus on individual tasks assigned to specific employees rather than an entire project.


这种方法的好处是,您可以看到自己的平等程度distributedthe project. For example, you can see if one employee handles 80% of the project while another only handles 20%. You can then redistribute the workload appropriately.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an accurate way to measure remote employee productivity.



This method can also become labor-intensive for managers and supervisors who have to assign new tasks for everything their employees do continuously. They also have to remember to keep checking up on them by email or phone until it’s complete.

4. Self-Reporting

If you trust your team, and it’s a relatively small distributed team, you could considerself-reportingactivity monitoring.



Clearly, this method is not an accurate way to monitor remote workers or measure your employees’ productivity and requires you to have implicit trust in your employees.

It’s best to use this method in conjunction with another independent and objective system of performance management, like time tracking tools, to ensure accuracy and increased productivity.

8 No-Nonsense Tips for Effective Remote Employee Monitoring

员工monitoring policy

Now that you know how to monitor employees working from home, these tips can help make your remote team monitoring efforts successful:


这re’s always going to be a level ofindependence即使您采用时间监视软件,也可以使用远程团队。因此,雇用员工至关重要trust从一开始就独立工作。

Even if you’ve got the best employee tracking software, you still need a dedicated team to make remote working successful.

Now, finding the正确的remote staffstarts at the interview stage.

寻找在职位描述之外完成任务或有证据的人beyond their call of duty

Additionally, remember that not everyone thrives in the remote workforce. Some people prefer working from home because it offers them a chance to achieve a更好的工作与生活平衡


Try to find people that can succeed in a remote work environment from the start.

Here are some of the traits to look for in a remote employee:

A. They can Self-Structure

Look for people that are self-disciplined and consistent.

For example, people who actively seek out training on their own time to improve their performance. These are people who will work on your projects even when you’re too busy to check-in on them.


When an in-office employee encounters a problem, they can easily ask their co-workers for input, but remote employees can’t. That’s why a remote employee needs to be a bettercommunicator比他们在办公室的同事。


C。这y Take Initiatives

良好的远程员工做b的人est for the company and project even when you’re not looking. These are the people who go the extra mile, even if they aren’t immediately getting the credit.



This way, employees are more likely to maintain high productivity levels throughout the day, to achieve the outcomes you set for them.

Clearly defining goals will also help you see if an employee can complete the tasks you assign to them in the designated time frame. This will give you some idea of an employee’s productivity if they can accomplish the work set out for them on schedule.

Additionally, remember not to set不切实际的截止日期因为它只会hamper生产率并导致团队的压力和焦虑。

To ensure your employees don’t become resistant to deadlines, you should belenienttowards employees who missed it by small margins.

It’s also a good idea torecognize and reward员工s who consistently complete tasks on or before due dates. This willmotivatethem and their team members to continue performing at a high level.

3. Track Time and Productivity

An important part of remote team management is tracking the time and the productivity of each remote worker.

Keep in mind, you won’t be in the same office as them, so walking over to their desk for an update isn’t possible.

使用跟踪软件录制时间最多accurateway to ensure your remote employees work the required number of hours. Moreover, it can help you recognize if an employee’s productivity is consistent or whether it fluctuates.

A good remote employee needs toworkconsistently; they shouldn’t just rush to complete the task when they’re approaching a deadline, as this can affect the quality of work and productivity score.

As we discussed earlier, using productivity monitoring software is the most efficient way of tracking employee productivity. With the正确的remote employee time tracking solution,,,,you can track working hours down to the second.

4. Schedule Check-ins

You could consider setting up adaily callwith your remote employees to check-in. This could take the form of a series of one-on-one calls or a team call.

这se calls will give remote employees an opportunity to consult with you and raise any concerns and questions about their tasks.

这check-ins also benefit you as the business owner or employer because it gives you an idea of what your employees are working on, if work is flowing smoothly, etc. This makes managing remote employees more effective.


Focus on thevolumequalityof work your people produce.

It doesn’t matter if your remote employee answers all of your messages within five minutes. What’s important is whether they’re completing their tasks on time, whether they attend scheduled meetings, if they’re able to collaborate effectively, etc.

Whether they complete their tasks from a beach or a coffee shop, it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re productive and finishing on schedule.

6. Provide Multiple Communication Technology Options

今天,仅电子邮件并不是与您的团队沟通的有效方法。重要的是要拥有诸如video conferencing立即的messagingapps

Remote teams collaborate better when they can see each other face-to-face because they pick on视觉提示和细微差别。

Video conferencing tools likeZoomor微软团队are also handy for in-depth project discussions and review meetings. For more spontaneous collaboration, instant messaging tools likeSlackcome in handy.

这se tools offer mobile apps so your remote team can communicate even when they’re away from their work computer.


A remote team member can quickly feel孤立,especially if they’ve transitioned from an office setting to working from a home office.


Virtual parties or social gatherings can help reduce those feelings of isolation and improve employee engagement.

Need some help getting started?

Check out24 fun and engaging virtual team building activities您的团队会喜欢!

8. Offer Emotional Support and Encouragement


Managers need to acknowledge any difficulties employees may have at first.

This could be as simple as asking,“How is thebeplay体育钱包怎么签到situation在职的out for you?”


It’s important to communicate your faith in your team members. For example, simple phrases like “I know this is a tough任务,but we know you can handle it。”

Effective leaders both acknowledge concerns and affirm their confidence in their employees. This kind of support gives employees the courage and a sense of purpose to focus and confidently tackle challenges.

Final Thoughts

这Coronavirus pandemic has made remote work the new normal. That’s why remote employee time tracking is going to be critical for any business.


While each remote worker monitoring software mentioned here is great, Time Doctor is easily the most comprehensive tool for you. It has several powerful, employee-friendly features to make your employee monitoring process a breeze.

为什么不注册时间医生的14天免费试用和experience it for yourself?

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