Why a Virtual Office Is a Waste of Money in 2022

virtual office

越来越多的企业现在与远程团队完全完全运行 - 无需实际的办公空间或书桌。

However, some of them may require a physical location for mailing services and conference rooms for client meetings. In such cases, most companies go for avirtual office

A virtual office gives your business a physical address and other office-related perks without the cost of office rent and administrative staff.



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What is a Virtual Office?

Avirtual officeoffers you all the perks of a physical office without having to pay the full amount for an actual physical space or administrative staff. The development of web-based office productivity software has helped drive the growth of virtual offices in recent years.


  • Startupfounders and small businesses who want to maintain a business presence in a prestigious location without having a traditional office space.
  • 承包商和顾问谁在寻求建立当地的存在。
  • 希望扩展的公司to new markets and increase their global network.

A virtual office service provider will also give you access to avirtual office address,receptionist service, 和conference rooms。They support various video conferencing and messaging platforms that allow teams tocollaborateeven while working remotely.

此外,一些虚拟办公室服务公关ovide a receptionist and phone service at additional costs.

Let’s take a closer look at these services.

What Services Does a Virtual Office Provide?

A virtual office plan consists of many useful features like a virtual address, a virtual mailbox, mail handling services, and a unique business phone number.

We’ll explore some of these services in detail.

1. Virtual Office Address in Prestigious Locations

Many business owners and entrepreneurs work from home to reduce costs early on in a new business.

However, aprestigiousaddresslike New York or San Francisco can add可信度to your company name and attract the best clients.

Fortunately, with a virtual office location, you just need to select a central location in a prominent city that best suits your target market. And then, you can use it as a professional business address in your correspondence with clients or customers.

You can use the same virtual address on business cards, brochures, and your website.

2. Virtual Mailing Service and a Trained Receptionist

Many virtual office providers offer邮件转发services as part of the virtual office solution. They pick up the post and forward it to your home address or scan the documents and email the scans to you.

Virtual office members can also opt for a fully-trained生活接待员as part of the virtual office package. The receptionist can handle business phone calls, voicemail, book a business meeting on your behalf, and provide a fully professional experience to your customers.

3. Meeting and Conference Rooms

Most virtual office providers offer a meeting room, conference room, or even a waiting room where you can conduct an in-person meeting.

You need to book the meeting room in advance. So, even when you’re not present at your virtual office address every day, you can accommodate clients and customers for business meetings.


But here’s the most重要的question:is a virtual office really beneficial for your business?


3 Major Benefits of a Virtual Office

A virtual office package provides your company with benefits like:

1. Less Overhead Costs



Not only that, but you can also increase your savings by avoiding other expenditures like furniture, hardware, etc., that are usually associated with a brick and mortar setup.


Have you ever wondered how manyoffice hours在通往你的办公室时,你花在交通中被困在交通中?

In a virtual office setup, employees travel to work strictly for training purposes, meetings, or group brainstorming sessions. This eliminates the time spent getting ready for work and commuting on a daily basis.

Besides, you can also save money on燃料vehicle repairs由于您每天不需要前往办事处。

With all the additional time and money, your employees can now put the extra energy into work and be more productive.



此外,虚拟办公室可以由不同的企业共享 - 类似的法律,金融等。在这些中心的办公室建立办事处可以增加您的网络机会。

But is avirtual officea suitable option for all businesses?

3 Reasons Why a Virtual Office Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

Many businesses still vouch for a virtual office setting.




Many major tech companies are going completely remote in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s the same with small businesses.

Companies likeDoist,which specializes in productivity software, operate as遥远的第一businesses. Moreover, even tech colossals like Twitter, Shopify, and Slack haveannounced plans完全远程或部分远程工作的砰的一声beplay体育钱包怎么签到ure.





One of the most important purposes of a virtual office is to conduct project meetings for new (or existing) products and services.

However, with advanced project management tools like贾拉,格雷洛, etc., you and your team can collaborate seamlessly about projects and tasks.

So, if your team primarily consists of software developers, product managers, or even freelancers, the concept of virtual offices can be discarded easily.

But what if yourbusiness完全面向客户,需要一个businessmeeting space?


Video conferencing has seen a535% risein daily traffic in 2020. The dramatic rise may continue even after the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the help of such software, you don’t need to have face-to-face meetings to get your points across. You can also take advantage of features like meeting recording, whiteboards, and presentation sharing to future-proof your workspace.

3. Excellent Outsourcing Services


Certain operations like customer service and manufacturing can be outsourced to countries likeIndia,the Philippines, 和墨西哥。这些国家拥有基础设施和熟练的劳动力,以以相对较低的成本为您提供业务需求。

If you want to know more about outsourcing services, you can refer to our完整的外包指南

You can use the saved money to improve your products and services, resulting in increased profits and improving your company’s bottom line.

Additionally, with the help of business networking platforms like LinkedIn and AngelList, businesses everywhere can manage hiring, sales, and client acquisitions remotely.

This way, you can completely avoid virtual offices and instead invest your time and money in creating an ideal remote work environment.


由于现代技术,员工不再需要将自己与桌子或私人办公室系。事实上,许多现代公司根本没有工作空间,并在一个工作中工作completely remote environment

However, some companies may have concerns about a remote-first approach.


So, as a manager or founder, how do you ensure accountability among your remote team members?

Next, we’ll explore how to create an ideal remote work environment in detail:

1. Hire Adaptive Remote Employees

Not every person is cut out for remote work.

So, before you begin hiring for aremote position, you’ll need to lay out the expectations required from a remote employee to be successful in a remote work environment.

To do this, you need to clearly define the requirements for the position while writing a remote job post. This may include having a stable internet connection, self-owned devices, and more importantly, the ability to communicate clearly over online channels.

它会帮助potential candidate判断他们是否可以妥善工作,并根据公司的其他要求工作。


Since remote work requires a disciplined approach to work on assignments, you need to follow an assignment protocol to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. For this, you can use a cloud-based project management tool for effective task management.

此外,您应该使用实时协作工具如松弛to keep every team member in the loop. This ensures that valuable feedback doesn’t get lost in the never-ending email chains and also creates transparency among team members.


探索43 top project management tools今天可用。

3. Track Team Productivity

最后,您可以利用像现代化的技术解决方案Time Doctorto确保团队中的问责制

Time Doctor是一个强大的员工时间跟踪和性能管理工具,如verizon和爱立信,以及小企业,如Firehouse子,以提高员工的生产力。

It has a simple user interface and workforce management features, suitable for remote teams.

Productivity software like Time Doctor can help your employees understand their work patterns and take the necessary steps to improve them.


  • 时间跟踪:跟踪在项目上花费的时间,您的远程员工和外包团队的任务。
  • Idle Time Tracking:Idle time tracking helps see if your employees are idle or working on a task.
  • Screenshots:Monitor what your employees are working on with the help of the screenshots feature.
  • Extensive Productivity Reports:Access comprehensive real-time reports like – attendance reports, timeline reports, projects and tasks reports, and many more to understand employee performance.
  • 强大的镀铬扩展:To integrate it with other productivity apps like Trello,Asana.和Evernote。

This way, Time Doctor software simplifies remote team management better than ever.

And if you’re a service provider, you can easily bill your clients using Time Doctor’s top-notch project management andpayrollbeplay平台能玩吗特征。


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Wrap Up

Virtual offices can be suitable for business owners or startup founders who want to maintain a physical presence near their clients.

However, an ideal remote work environment provides a business with almost all the benefits of a virtual office without the costs.

You can do this by hiring carefully, designing a workflow for your remote team, and deploying tech solutions like Time Doctor at scale.

要开始,为什么不注册时间医生和increase your team’s productivity today?

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